An ultimate meat


Since few months, has opened the doors of a butchery like nothing else. The shop is located in the very hype area of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, between Louis Vuitton and the mythical Café de Flore. Here, there is no smell, no impressive knives, neither big pieces of meat hanging on hooks, nor white aprons on fat bellies… Nothing… But dark façade, dim lights, heavy shelves made of clear wood. The spirit of the place is closer to the one of a jeweler or luxury leather shop.

The owner Alexandre Polmard defines himself as a ‘breeder-butcher’. He has taken over a family business (5 generations already) and managed genetic researches on cow races. According to his words, he wanted to ‘only’ offer an ultimate meat in this [jewelry] box. The meat comes exclusively from a very specific regional race well-known for its exceptional skin texture – the finest of the French genetic heritage. Then, all the pieces are refined (crucial step) using a vacuum maturation process that respects taste & lightness and guarantees an exceptional savor. As a result, each piece of meat presented in the shop are vacuum packed and can be kept in a freezer during several years.

An elite butchery (starting by the price) that is indicative of our time. Polmard is 25 years old only, and his age is not insignificant… He embodies the Fooding Generation. The one that has changed our views on the way to eat. The one that triggers our curiosity for food products, bringing rarity and sophistication on our tables, reviving traditions and forgotten knowhow. His butchery shakes the code of the sector, suggesting new views, initiating new rituals, demonstrating the will of a generation to mark its difference.

The originality of his approach lies on tradition and science at the same time, on past and future. A new dynamic that should inspire many categories (not only food related) because it can be at the origin of new conversations and new surprising offers.

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