Marketing is traditionally a matter of targeting and promises. If a “Unique Selling Proposition” is not always necessary, at least one promise per target group is required. The problem is these promises are usually too abstract. They hardly ensure clients’ buy-in or call the public’s attention. It’s worse when they can’t even feed the social […]

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Millennial Luxury

Luxe Millennial

Every luxury brand has the same obsessive idea: how to seduce Millennials? A crucial question, as brands consider they won’t die in the old world’s waters if they get to catch them. The recipe is always the same: a touch of pop culture, a hint of arty reference, two spoonfuls of green or ethical values […]

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Student life

La vie d'étudiant

In order to help students to eat healthy food during their exams, the supermarket chain Lidl launched a pop-up restaurant in Gand. It was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from May 23rd to June 23rd, which is known as the “Blocus period” : the holiday month in Belgium before high school […]

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Under the sun of Capri

Sous le soleil de Capri

The art of marketing is also the art of targeting. As promises are not always convincing, finding the right tone (the right image, the right message) is decisive. And the right tone is above all a question of target. Until recently, the Millennials were the only real target. But now is the time of Gen Z. […]

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Fun actions

Nowadays, we love concepts. We love words that describe intentions or ways of envisioning life. Thinking about doing something or having values is no longer enough. A behaviour needs to be encapsulated in a trend meant to draw attention, to bring together as many people as possible and materialize in a “product universe”. Business matters are never far from […]

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