Lifestyle Resurrection

Résurrection life style

When it comes to Resurrection, following the Mini and the Fiat 500 revivals, the new Alpine A110 is the proof that cars also drive emotions and memories. France is back, as the media say. Not exactly as it used to, though, because it’s not about copying the past. It’s about letting it inspire the future. Only the […]

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Patience and modesty

Patience et humilité

The Paris Apprenticeship Show was held in early February. It was a huge success. It appeared that the current most attractive crafts are patisserie and leathercraft. Anyone surprised? The attraction for the first might have something to do with the cooking TV shows and their handsome chefs. The attraction for the second is the proof that people want to […]

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The community of men

La communauté des hommes

The case didn’t hit the headlines, but it could have. A couple of weeks ago, L’Oréal signed a massive contract with David Beckham to launch a new grooming brand with a complete collection of 21 products – which is quite something. According to L’Oréal, the brand aims at “changing the rules of the grooming game” […]

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The food of the future

L'assiette du futur

Why wouldn’t futurology apply to the food we eat? According to The Guardian, we should see five major food trends going mainstream in 2018. First of all, meatless meals. This shouldn’t be a surprise anyone Then, fungi. We’ll see them more and more in our plates. A US study recently proclaimed that eating five mushrooms per day […]

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Precious Archives

Le temps de l'héritage

Luxury brands’ archives are more than ever in the spotlight. Several brands have orchestrated prestigious exhibitions – communicating the number of visitors, re-releasing old editions, and paying tribute to founders by means of highly-referenced storytelling. In Paris, we saw Dior show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Hermès at the Grand Palais, Burberry’s in the […]

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