An emotional umbrella

Une ombrelle émotionnelle

We have the feeling that the wall between fashion and food is becoming more and more porous and we can’t help it. Both have their collections, their limited editions, their collaborations and obviously their creators. Some remember a Chanel restaurant set up on top of a New York building. Or the reputable pastry shop Prada bought in Milan about two years ago. The fashion brand just duplicated it in London, and a global rollout is expected…

Things are accelerating as chef Jean Imbert recently cooked a dinner for Dior inspired by the brand’s fragrances and pastry chef Sébatien Gaudard created Salvatore Ferragamo logotyped chocolates. In the latest Galeries Lafayette flagship, a café was “imagined” by the ultimate fashion idol Jacquemus in collaboration with the caviar brand Kaspia (?!). A lemon shaped dessert is served in a brilliant copy of a Provencal scenery. In the UK, a Fendi corner at Selfridges sells tons of monogrammed lollipops… There’re also so many fashion cafés, such as Armani’s, Ralph Lauren’s and Kitsuné’s, with smallest ambitions, but yet highly instagrammable.

In fact, no matter the true link between food and fashion, the designers and their proposals, because a fashion brand is like an aura, an emotional umbrella that sheds its light and adds a unique touch to everything under it. Some say it is for luxury brands the opportunity to target new and younger populations they don’t usually reach, as they rather shop online than in real stores. Fine. Others think it is also a chance for brands to be visible on social media where food pics are as trendy as fashion accessories.

It is a surprise if these two worlds are eventually colliding? Our era hates conflict, that’s why it’s more willing to merge opposing worlds and produce new hybrid models. Fashion food has a bright future ahead.

So What ?

Through their history, their products' ingredients, a designer collaboration or an event: each food brand can show its fashion side.

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