Aperitif time

When brands want to be widely talked about without seeming to work hard for that, they order a sociological study to highlight a new behavior or attitude… that will of course benefit their sales. Clever.

For instance, all car rental companies eventually end up pointing out that today’s consumers want to feel free and stop owning cars. Online banks don’t stop reminding that their old world sisters don’t offer the opening hours and agility expected by the new generation. More recently, the venerable Martini House launched a large study (in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain) among “young people” (terra incognita) aiming at describing their social relations. Probably because they’re a bit special, the French were not included in this European survey…

The results are up to expectations since they show that 46% of respondents want to spend more time with their friends. One-third (38%) allegedly spend more time talking to their online friends than in real life and 52% of them spend between two and five hours a day scrolling through the different social media platforms. The remedy for this dissatisfaction would be to organize more… aperitifs! Bingo! In Belgium, one out of three people (61%) agree that spending time with their friends makes them feel more energetic, positive and safer

Cool, festive, friendly, intergenerational (friends’ children are always welcome), musical, offbeat… aperitifs check all the boxes of social modernity and arouse infinite desires. They are the 2000s equivalent of the 1990s’ brunches: a bonus time sent by the marketing Gods to liven up our daily lives and get out of the three sacrosanct meal times. Better still: an informal time which, because it is informal, lets way to all experiments and encourages new consumer practices. A marketing time at work…

Proof of its success, from May 30 to June 2 was held in Narbonne, the first aperitif show…

So What ?

Brands need to know how to offer new consumption moments - to reach new audiences, change how they are perceived and, thus, get a chance reinvent themselves. Like reality, a brand is a matter of look.

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