Comets cross the sky of Fooding regularly. We see them for several months and then they disappear to make way for others. The comet of the moment is known as babka. Never heard of it? A babka is a sweet braided bread of Ashkenazi origin that we can find in all the trendy bakeries of the coolest neighborhoods of the French capital. This migrant has first been introduced by Mamiche, that has just opened a second establishment on rue du Château d’Eau. By the way, it is the newest Fooding street that is surpassing rue des Martyrs, too bourgeois, while this latter dethroned rue Montorgeuil, too touristic, forcing Fooding lovers to go to rue du Nil… Are you following? Everything changes, so that nothing changes.

So, Mamiche sells striped chocolate babkas scented with orange blossom, and variants with cinnamon, praline, red berries can be found at Mami’s, French Bastards’, Adar’s and Babka Zana’s, which opened several weeks ago a stone’s throw from rue des Martyrs (again!). Needless to say, babka is all over social media, firstly on Instagram. How to explain this sudden success? First of all because babka is a name that sounds good. It refers to Babushka, grandmother in Russian: a playful, positive name, easy to remember and to pronounce. Good points.

Like all novelty, babka is in the news, and gives a special status to those who have discovered it before the others. It really counts. Of course it is highly instagrammable, because of its shape, its color and its visible ingredients that immediately make you want to try. Finally, it belongs to the flourishing trend for Israeli and Oriental food, between mezze and hummus, carrying rich images of good-heartedness and friendliness–qualities in the spirit of the times. With so many assets, how could it not be naturally “trendy »?

Another reason can be given: the desire of a generation who wants to reinvent its daily life in order to show they won’t consume like their parents. Greta won’t say the opposite…

So What ?

After cinnamon rolls, pistachio rolls and perfectly shaped croissants, babka is joining the family of neo-pastries, sign of the current desire of rekindling our daily lives...

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