Being there without being there

Etre là sans être là

It all started with the Staycation movement, a hybrid concept (as we love them today) born from the combination of Stay and Vacation. That’s how is called the strange idea of spending holidays at home. It gives an additional argument to those who try their best to praise the advantages of Paris in August. Then came the time of Workation, built on the same principle adapted to work. Understand: work in places usually associated with holidays. Yes, you’ll practice yoga and meditation and you’ll go surfing. Between calls with shareholders and fundraising meetings. Workation or how to never really leave – and always be there. This California born movement is being declined in the region of Perche at the Mutinerie for example, where coworking and coliving are combined and surrounded by a permaculture farm.

As a matter of fact, urban cool people are more and more enthusiastic about the idea of moving to the countryside. The more cities filled up with tourists, the more their population think about plans B to get away from them. Le Barn hotel describes itself as a fantasy country house 45 minutes away from Paris: in the middle of 200 hectares of woods, a farm and its barns have been revisited by an environmentally friendly design studio. Guests can play by the fire and practice fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking and yoga with friends and family, and even indulge in the pleasure of eco-friendly locavore barbecues. Obviously highly instagrammable activities, but without ostentation. We also want to mention (still in the Perche …) the establishment «D’une Ile », recently taken over by Fanny and Valentin, former employees at Septime and Clamato – two highly regarded Parisian restaurants – with the support of their Michelin-starred chef. The hotel offers eight rooms and a restaurant in the same cool-creative spirit that made these establishments famous.

Staycation, workation or green break, we can’t help but think that it is currently floating in people’s minds as a desire to be elsewhere… without being disconnected from urban markers. On vacation, but at home or at the office. With friends and the Parisian gang, but out of Paris. After City-breaks, here comes the time of Life-breaks as a solution for local getaways. Why would we always need to go far from home?

So What ?

Being there without really being there: an insight that brands, especially those that are most associated with everyday life, should not underestimate...

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