We knew it was coming when Bouillon opened in Paris’ Place Pigalle. The concept was to get back to the spirit of Parisian brasseries, very far from a conceptual approach to food. At Bouillon’s you won’t eat the latest novelties. You can spend what you want and eat what you want. Your neighbors’ table will […]

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New territories

Nouveaux territoires

As more and more “real-life” shops are pressured by e-shopping sites to make their clients feel “at home”, offering them sofas, coffee tables, framed photos and nice little treats (coffee, glass of water, magazines), more and more strangers walk into our homes. In the past, we rarely let strangers in. There was a gas or […]

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Those who were born during the last century remember that after the first Gulf war, markets returned to growth thanks to a new concept called basics. Muji was definitely a marker of these years, and so was this little black dress all women needed to have, not to show they were widows but because consumers […]

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Who has ever heard of Sistronomy? More than anyone else, Bretons are likely to know what this word means. And those who follow the Food news. Because the emerging (but developing) Sistronomy concept consists in pairing the right food with the right cider. Sistr means cider in Breton. Yes, we’re talking about the cider the […]

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The power of logos

Le pouvoir des logos

Consumers have always considered logos as signals, beacons, markers. We understand brands’ hesitations and prudence when they are convinced it’s time to revamp their logos because they’re no longer in the style of the day. It’s a delicate move: battles between the old and the modern are bound to happen. Sometimes, brands decide to reedit […]

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