Compensation Society

Food brands may well do everything to improve their products and offer healthier and more balanced goods (a great expectation now), the positive aspects of food supplements remain strong in people’s minds, to the point that they represent a promising market. In the US, it has been for a while. Here, a little more every year. Dietary supplements are seducing us because they arethe ultimate proof of the survival of free will in a world where everything is conceived for us. Today, by men. Tomorrow, by data. Nutritional supplements give us the feeling of controlling what we consume by letting us enjoy the promises made toeverybody. I take food supplements, I still exist.

To take them is all the more attractive, as each gelcap contains a specific promise. Hair thickening, skin health, radiant complexion, flat belly, anti-aging… The wish list of an ideal self. It’s hard to resist. Choosing a food supplement is like selecting options for your next car. Lately, dietary supplement have distanced themselves from white coats, whose opinions are no longer taken for gospel truth. The result is that we find them in the chocolate or candy aisle. A funnier and smarter place to attract adults in the permanent quest for gentleness. Even more since the beginning of the health crisis. Our bodies will necessarily notice the side effects of working from home, plus the reduction of physical activity.

On, vitamins and food supplements take the form of candies and were renamed gummies. Beauty, energy, sleep: gummies take care of everything and satisfy all of our expectations. One hundred percent pleasure. One hundred percent targeted. Regression at the service of adults. A perfect dream for nervous and unsatisfied bohos. The ones who couldn’t resist treating themselves to candies, from time to time. The idea is not to regress, but to compensate for the lack of other products. After the consumer society, now is the time of the compensation society.

So What ?

A promise to adults and an act of consumption that looks like an escape to childhood: the perfect equation to seduce consumers during times of trouble and uncertainty.

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