Consommateur cueilleur
Food brands are used to selling ready-to-eat products. It justifies their prices. The less consumers need to do, the more they will pay. It makes sense. But that was before. With buyers questioning product origins and expecting brand commitment, some companies thought they could ask their consumers to pitch in. And why not? After all, pizza kits don’t seem to curb ready-made pizza sales.
This is what Le Jardin d’Orante thought. Besides their traditional dill pickles, they offer (for the second time) gherkin growing kits. A clever way to prove that their products are so natural anyone can grow them. It’s also a way to be featured on social media and to subtlety promote local food. To do means to understand.
Starting in early May, Le Jardin d’Orante will put up for sale on their website, at the symbolic price of €3 piece, 3,500 My Home Pickles kits. Sales benefits will be entirely donated to the Association of French Picklers to raise awareness of the stakes of the French pickle revival and support farmers. Enough to appeal to the Boholand population, always excited by the idea to reconnect with nature. 
And so the consumers are becoming actors of the French pickle revival, mindful of its culture, and at the same time authors of their own consumption through a playful and educational activity for the family, to realize on the balcony or in the garden. A new breed of « consumers-gatherers ». Interesting. Because eating means sharing a moment around the table as well as the knowledge and know-how associated with what we eat. 

So What ?

Brands bond with their consumers and address their transparency expectations when they offer them to see, understand and even to grow. A virtuous pedagogy.

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