Everybody knows celebrities are more and more interested by the “fooding” world. Want another example? After chefs becoming famous thanks to their visible closeness with stars, some celebrities now want to be crowned in the kitchen. Perhaps the beginning of a new trend. Last month, Joey Starr, the founder of the rap band NTM, launched his first cooking magazine, proof of his interest for the piano in all its forms.
The UFO is called Five Starr and announces a quarterly publication. Its objective is to disrupt gastronomy by offering a living, committed and shared cuisine, crossed by the character traits of its author: authentic and passionate. The magazine is available in two formats, XXL collector or standard, and its articles are embellished with QR codes for readers to go further. An idea to remember. The advertising pages are reserved for committed players of the food industry and, for each sale of the collector format, one euro is donated to the Refugee Food Festival. So much for the social aspect. As for the content: interviews with chefs, artisans, producers, and “step by step” recipes. Nothing really new, except for an interview with Joey Starr’s gastroenterologist in the first issue, and the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to get involved.
After Michel Cymes, Stéphane Plazza, Sophie Davant and a few others, Joey Starr joins the group of celebrities featured in magazines. But unlike the others, the idea is not to develop a TV show but to express an unknown side of his personality. More interesting. For the rapper fans as for brands which would be tempted to support him. Because if getting closer to a chef has become a new marketing convention, revealing to the public an unseen dimension of a celebrity and soliciting th for a collaboration is a way to renew the genre.
In Germany, many iced tea brands are developed by local rappers (BraTee, DirTea, BabaHafTea). They have acquired the status of signs of recognition for their fans who do not identify with Coca. The phenomenon is likely to touch our country one day.

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If influencers are today's stars to ensure the visibility of brands, celebrities have not said their last word. Especially if they appear under an unexpected light...

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