Finger food

Snacking doesn’t have good press among nutritionists, but it has never been more successful. This is probably due to the fact that it responds to the current trend to reinvent new rules and new standardsBouillon Service, a pioneer of the Parisian neo-bistro (a niche that has become a business opportunity), anticipated the fashion and now offers a range of salty and sweet take-away snacks, which can be eaten without cutlery or any form of preparation. Even without a microwave. Far from the original brasserie spirit. Good, simple, fast, cheap, “anywhere” and “at all times” is the new mantra of Bouillon Service, quickly qualified as “French finger food” to evoke buns (egg & mayonnaise or comté ham), quiches and slices of flan. Think about it…

We can also note the return of the “classic and chic” soft sandwich, cut to the line and served in a corporate wrapping paper. Offered for years by Carette at the Trocadero, it is now declined in Instagram mode by Petibon, rue Montorgueil, or in its Japanese version, in the form of ultra soft and graphic sandos, filled with colorful fermented vegetables. Easier to eat than a burger, tastier than a taco, less fatty than a kebab and less 90’s than tapas. The sando, which can be declined endlessly, could quickly reign over the world of snacks… This is a new chapter for delivery platforms.

Because, Frichti’s small dishes cooked with love belong to the past. Pizzas, burgers and poke-bowls have won. Risk of weariness on the horizon. Finger food, which had disappeared from the fashion scene, is now making a comeback. The success of terraces, sharing boards and aperitifs is no stranger to this. From now on, dining no longer necessarily means cooking and preparing a menu, but also picking up a set of small snack proposals, as many signs of urban modernity. It’s no longer about sitting at a table but about gathering around a table to share a moment dominated by alcohol (cocktails, wine, beer) and coolness. Two words that share more than just a couple of letters…

So What ?

Delivery, aperitif, plancha, finger food, assembled dishes, everyday cooking is becoming increasingly simple. Cooking is becoming the exception; kitchens, signs of status; cookbooks, travel guides that make you dream.

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