Food and Party

The food industry trends are great indicators of our society. Each concept reflects the expectations of the moment. Vegan options appeared on every menu, instagrammable green is all over the place, coupled with light wood furniture, plants and a reasonable number of vintage decorative items. Detox salads, poke bowls, raw vegan, gluten free: these words are super powerful in the food industry Scrabble. Now that these trends are not a secret anymore, it’s high time to move forward, right? And so it goes in the marketing world.

How is the next wave? Some food visionaries already have something in the back of their mind. So much the better because eating grains, veggies and clear conscience can somehow become boring. The next trend could be based on abundance and friendliness. Is there a better program than adding joy to food? The idea is to offer clients festive and epicurean experiences, because togetherness remains the very reason why we eat with others. Now comes a new generation of places where mates can come in bands and share hearty and generous food, which is often… Mediterranean.

“Celebratory” moments giving clients the feeling of being in a town’s party or at a cousins’ barbecue with all the family getting together. The proposed imaginary here is to offer shared moments, party and togetherness along with enthusiasm in an “authentic” decor. In fact, it’s similar to the idea of food feast we already saw in repurposed industrial wastelands (such as the Parisian Ground Control, Le Consulat, les Grands Voisins, Richard Lenoir), in the Yaya restaurant of Saint Ouen or at the Station F (French biggest startup campus), a true ecosystem where Gen Zers hang out together, at ease and sharing the same cool and liberal vision of the world. There stands « La Felicita », a new 4,500 sqm restaurant that calls itself a “Food & Party Market”.

Suddenly, the vegan dishes we’re eating sitting alone on a high table seem quite far.

So What ?

How about giving a new meaning to the words good mood and togetherness when we’re eating? These dimensions have sort of drifted away during years of control.

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