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Some could consider the initiative anecdotic, eventually posh, or completely experimental. Nevertheless it catches the attention of those who track down the future into the details. If the collaboration between alcohol brands and designers are legion, it usually ends up with ‘reinvented’ glasses, ice buckets or containers that, at the end, are not so mind-blowing. That’s what Krug champagne and designer Ionna Vautrin must have been thinking…

From their collaboration is born the ‘Krug’s Shell’ to be placed on your glass and brought to your ear to discover the melodious sound of champagne bubbles and intensify the olfactory and gustatory pleasure of each vintage discovery. The guarantee of an exceptional experience. For a very long time, the ‘Table Experts’ have been discoursing endlessly about the harmony and melody of savors. Finally, it must have been heard… Each Shell is crafted in prestigious Porcelain of Limoges and numbered by hand, by the reknown Bernardaud house (150-year history).

Listen to the champagne before drinking it, what a brilliant idea! Poetic, universal, inspiring, the ‘Krug Sound Experience’ renews the practice to listen to the sea into a shell. Simple, sensorial, unique, this invention creates new opportunities of expression in a category already framed by social conventions. As an invitation to stimulate ears before taste buds, it encourages a new reflex that can inspire a lot of brands.

What if we could listen to the daily products that we are accustomed to look and consume almost repetitively? The sound of corn-flakes, chocolate mousse, beer, sparkling water, biscuits, bread… a way to rediscover them? While new technologies offers to us new experiences relentlessly, why our common products could not be at the source of new ‘augmented reality’ perceptions?

So What ?

Give the floor to products? New talks, new vocabulary, new rituals… Innovate is about looking at things differently, but also listening to them differently.

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