In the beauty world, the time of doctor brands and their quest to find the next miracle ingredient promising eternal youth (and a high profit margin…) gradually disappears to let way to “green scientists”. Armed with thousands of years of knowledge developed by the first druids, they search through nature to extract the best of it. After the fashion of plants possessing innumerable merits, now is the time of gemstones, also very virtuous. Their imaginary power is referred to in mainstream media with the fantasmatic name of “Lithotherapy”, or even (stronger) “Crystal healing”. Impossible to miss the wizardry or voodoo aspect of the name, even if the power of gemstones hasn’t been scientifically proven yet… Not a problem, by the way. Because herefantasy is stronger than reality.

Last year, beauty subscription box leader Birchbox, never missing a trend, detailed the virtues of gemstones to their 200,000 French subscribers. A way to lay the groundwork. We can also mention Gemology, a cosmetic skincare line based on gemstone active ingredients, or The New Cool, a new French brand distributed in yoga studio stores, offering scented water infused with crystals (pink quartz, jade and amethyst)… before the launch of New Age travels. Why not. The brands Carita and Galénic sell face creams infused with healing crystals: Carita’s products are enriched with diamond powder to regenerate the skin and Galénic’s creams include ruby extract to regulate sebum production. The phenomenon is nothing new, but it is growing, which proves it is in keeping with the times. Nothing surprising.

Gemstones are, first of all, pieces of nature. Good point. They are also a bit of a mystery, or even esotericism, which is nowadays very looked after (Garancia, among others). The New Age spirit is not far because gemstones vibrate, convey energy and reconnect body and mind. Our time’s great expectation, as manifested by the current success of yoga and meditation… Tomorrow, consumption will entirely be dedicated to well-being. We should better start preparing ourselves…

So What ?

After green cosmetics, now is the time of New Age cosmetics. After trying out all possible promises of nature, why couldn’t we imagine exploring its irrational aspect?

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