The small world of cosmetics and fragrances is increasingly aware that it can no longer continue to live in its own enchanted bubble, disconnected from the reality of our daily lives. It is now driven by the idea of acting in favor of the planet’s preservation. A way for these companies to recognize that they are just like the rest. As far as cosmetics are concerned, recycled cardboard packaging is proliferating as the presence of plastics decreases. We can only be happy about this. Perfumes are also on the move, as many brands have already opted for flasks that can be filled at their stores.

Cartier is breaking new ground by creating a unique and generic 30 ml container that can be filled with all its creations, for both men and women. This is the opposite of the usual logic, “one juice = one bottle”, which will also allow the company to re-edit old perfumes whose bottles could not be re-industrialized, due to a lack of demand. A new approach that gives the brand a central position at a time when its multiple variations could tend to push it into the background. After all, what are we buying: a scent or a name? Would our liking for a fragrance be the same without the brand associated with it? Not always easy to answer.

With its unique, distinctive packaging (a golden metal shell with enamel or a milleraie design that makes it look like a 1930s lighter), Cartier provides an answer and establishes itself as a strong brand associated with a perennial and even timeless object, capable of being passed down from generation to generation. L’Occitane follows the same path with its Forever bottle made of recycled aluminum, designed to hold its shampoos and body washes, and sold empty in stores. The Body Shop also has a Refill bottle based on the same principles.

Packaging that is truly sustainable and not falsely recyclable. Packaging that brings people together instead of dividing them up.. Packaging that is beautiful, useful, cross-generational and even gender-neutral. The dream of every brand in 2021.

So What ?

With a unique bottle, brands enjoy a new medium to communicate their values and their aesthetic vision of the world. An opportunity to be sustainably present in the daily life of their buyers... To be continued... and see you next year!

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