Hipster Business Model

If there is any truth to the adage that there is a time and place for everything, look no further than the excitement of an art exposition or the success of a film. We can no longer ignore that ‘hipster’ chic is almost like an exposition in itself, a fashion style found in department stores everywhere. These fashions are inspired by the hipsters we love to hate, the small community that we thought were reduced to flannel-wearing Brooklynites. How did they manage to thrive on organic food, live eco-friendly, get around easily on bikes, and also become ‘iconic’, to the point of now being present in every town in the world?

Without a doubt, it’s because they are responding to this urge and curiosity among millennials to look for life changes. Changing your life can mean changing careers or towns, but also, more simply, changing how we present ourselves. This type of change is affordable for all – a shirt, an arm tattoo, a pair of sunglasses, a beard, and voilà- it’s a change big enough to feel like a new person.

But the appeal of the hipster attitude doesn’t stop there. They also embody a new way of working. A ‘hipster business model’ is characterized by the desire to make things by yourself (we also call them ‘makers’), to work with friends, and to live a shared experience (often in an old studio), in which the focus on financial profit is secondary. Who would be against that? These ideals tend to resurface throughout various moments in history, mostly during periods of social unrest and dissatisfaction.

Hipsters have always known the importance of locally-grown food and ethnical/organic considerations in producing goods. This organic movement corresponds exactly to the trend at the moment. With this new aesthetic, and a new relationship between work and food, hipsters have gained the upperhand. They have presented a new way to look at business. A business that is pretty rad, but business nonetheless.

So What ?

Some brands show their seriousness, others venture towards humor and complicity. Is it also possible to develop their own unique ‘hipster’ swagger?

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