Hearing the news, one cannot help wondering: why it has not been done sooner? Candy Crush, the world-famous game for tablets and smartphones with almost 93 millions active players per day, has launched a range of candies with shapes and colors directly inspired by its world.

To those who would have never taken the challenging long road of Candy Crush, the assigned mission is to combine 3 identical candies and score in more and more complex contexts and situations. To allow steadier progression, the game offers to players that are stuck at one level to purchase lives… causing by the way some noticeable ripple effects (ref. $1,036,188 estimated revenues per day for the US iPhone users only).

The question is not so much about the success or failure of such an initiative, but what it represents.

First, this innovation deals with the extension of gamers’ experience. Since their eyes is fed with virtual candies, why would they resist to similar actual candies? From game dependency to candy dependency, the path to innovation is psychological as much as industrial.

Second, it triggers a need for recognition from those who share the same center of interest. How a community of online players can find and identify each other? Obviously during events or in dedicated shops, but not only… By consuming the same product, they assert their affiliation with a group – a reality not exclusive to luxury brands. When shall they find a line of Candy Crush accessories?

So What ?

To imagine offers designed for a specific community is a very smart way to get around traditional media. ‘I consume, so I am’. A very tangible principle today.

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