Instinct of reproduction

Instinct de reproduction

We knew man’s (natural) inclination for narcissism. Mirror, mirror, tell me I am the fairest of them all. Now has come the era of Instagrammability, a kind of post-narcissism – or narcissism applied to its environment. Because it’s not enough to be pleased with oneself. Our look has now to be matched with the proper setting.

According to experts, almost one third of travelers pick their holiday destinations for their Instagrammability. Thus, Club Med’s villages smartly integrate highly aesthetic (and branded) spots for guests to shoot and share on social media… What matters is not to the travel itself but the proof of the travel.The company wants its architects to “think Instagram”. Imagine… If Baron Haussmann had to obey this rule, would have his work been different? In fact, his building frontages are clearly Instagrammable given their frequent appearance in perfume or car’s ads.

Instagrammability is closer to conformity than to originality. That’s how our homes are all similar beyond their price difference. That’s how all new restaurants have concrete tiles, visible filament bulbs, light wood tables, velvet chairs and copper accessories. That’s how all cream packaging look pharmaceutical and that’s how we don’t see more than two or three Millennial looks, from top to bottom. Even the food industry has its share, with Häagen Dazs’s packaging revamp to get a « bold instagrammable-worthy » look.

During the last century, we would say products were more desirable, more modern, more seducing, or more appetizing. But that was before. Before technology changed us. All brands are targeting the Millennials. Some invest millions to try to understand them. But observing their codes is almost as crucial…

So What ?

If being Instagrammable has become brands' new Grail, the winners are those who define first the codes and attitudes that will be, later, copied by others. A new marketing goal.

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