King Burger

Street food is everywhere, because it’s gradually upgrading, without loosing accessibility. This trend indisputably impacts traditional restaurants, struggling to draw attention with ever renewed concepts. Today, mainly brasseries and planchettes… What we eat is polarizing between two worlds: street food on the one hand and haute cuisine on the other hand. And both sides are not opposing but complementing each other. Just like any markets… and even like our society…

Like a bridge between these extremes, burgers score high thanks to their ability to meet all expectations. The raison d’être of Mc Donald’s (an economic offer associated with a lifestyle) becomes for chiefs a field of experimentation that allows them to address new targets and to take on an indispensable modern dimension. Whether the burger is eaten on the table, at a counter, to stay or to go, with a fork or with fingers, it’s a bit like the Twingo of the early 90s: “It’s up to us to invent the life that goes with it”.

Additionally, burgers allow all sorts of speeches. Quality and origins can be mentioned. Of meat – but not only. Buns, cheese and French fries can also be reviewed. There’s room for creativity and Dumbo has proved it. This new place has just opened in Pigalle and offers a “smashed” version of burger with pressed meat on a wooden board. The result is supposed to be crispier and juicier. Burgers can feature an exotic touch (Bao burgers) or clear conscience – with vegan burgers. At PNY, one of the best burger places in Paris, a version with Beyond Meat’s veggie steaks is now on offer…

Finally, those who walked past an Amorino storefront during the summer noticed the appearance of the Gelato Burger made with scoops of ice cream. That took some thinking. Even outside of their market, burgers manage to exist. Regular dishes can hardly compete with them… Not to mention that burgers are always highly instagrammable regardless of their origins or recipe… Which is no small matter!

So What ?

Burgers are accessible in every way. They’re capable of reinventing themselves without forgetting who they are. They’re able to create a community around them. This is the moment's winning equation.

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