The Multiplication of Loaves

In France, when they are not defending their gourmet specialties or the diversity of their cheeses, they are talking about bread. In early January, the prospect of bread price increase, due to the rise of raw material prices, did not fail to awaken white knights always ready to go on a media crusade to defend their purchasing power. The 29 cent baguette was launched by Leclerc, a way of reminding that town center baguettes cost 1.10 or 1.20 euros. Every cent saved is worth a trophy.
The bakery landscape is being reshaped before our eyes. There are now three figures to be reckoned with. On the one hand, traditional bakeries, where the name of the baker – who bakes the bread – and the name of his wife – who sells it – are displayed in front of the shop, close to the word “artisan”, giving them their letters of nobility. Then come neo-bakeries, where customers don’t find baguettes, but bread priced by weight. Count 3.50 euros on average for 250 g, the weight of a baguette. There, the baker is a passionate creator, reinventing codes and shapes, telling beautiful stories. He is also a promoter (of a sector, a recipe, a variety of flour) who campaigns. His store is raw (bare walls, white lighting, old-fashioned tiles) and bear a conceptual name. It took some brainstorming to find the right name that would spread well on social media. Finally, the traffic circle bakery, settled near commercial areas. This is the new face of the industrial bakery franchise. Codes of craftsmanship are overplayed, prices are limited and a fair service is offered to those who drive to the shops because their city center is desolate or impossible to reach.
The first category belongs to the past and has not said its last word. It is the service bakery in family convenience mode. The other two herald the world of tomorrow. The emotion bakery in “boho-organic” mode on the one hand, and the course bakery on the other, with guaranteed parking and hot bread all day. Three bakery models, three sociological realities, three shopping experiences.

So What ?

The current organization of the bakery market foreshadows the future of many others… After the "low-end/high-end" segmentation, it’s time for "moments and circumstances" marketing…

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