Recently, a study was carried out to understand the situation of the film industry after months of lockdown. It shows that while the reopening of theaters in 2021 brought a huge rush of spectators, the market only really took off with Cinema Festivals or the release of blockbusters such as Spider-Man. We also learn that independent theaters show a 28% drop compared to the pre-Covid period, but major theaters present a 64% decrease. As for the age groups, the 15-24 year olds have quickly found their way back to the cinemas, while the 25-49 year olds have mostly deserted them since their reopening, especially the 25-34 year olds. Finally, the study highlights a loss of habit rather than a dislike for the theaters, since 48% of respondents say they have changed their behavior, 34% saying they go less than before and 14% no longer go at all. Certainly due to the fears born with the health crisis, but also because of the ticket price considered too high. Besides, the attractiveness of the platforms is not unrelated to this.

The results of this study inform us, incidentally, about the current expectations of consumers. Because ifthe cinema is not a product like any other, the cinema-goers are, very often, consumers like any others… This is fundamental. Viewers rally when they are seduced by an offer. Whether it’s a blockbuster, a pair of sneakers or a new restaurant, an appealing offer carries a promise of sharing (before, during and after the purchase) and the feeling of “sticking” to a current event. The pair of sneakers to wear, the movie to see.

Another lesson: successfully creating consumer engagement is always an asset for a brand because, after the crisis, these consumers are prompt to come back. It is therefore better to be closer to the spirit of independent cinemas, driven by passion, than to seek out the crowd like multiplexes. Finally, the study reminds us that the vitality of movie theaters is due to their ability to turn a practice into a habit. Just like consumption. And that a habit should not be confused with loyalty. Because if the first is about comfort, closeness and desire, the second is often a mere calculation. The proof: loyalty cards have failed to prevent the decline in movie attendance.

So What ?

If movie theaters are now victims of platforms, some businesses have been suffering for years from the competition of "pure players"... Attentions, experiences, recognition, emotions are more essential than ever...

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