More than just a job

Firmly resolved not to be trapped in the low-price category, hard discounters are constantly taking initiatives and making statements to assert their difference. In some cases, they open their doors to new consumers, leaving the traditional ones to other brands. In other cases, they offer ugly sweaters and socks made to become very desirable. This desire to surprise and amaze can also be translated into an attention to the unavoidable figure of the small producer, much sought after, but suddenly scarcer when it comes to cutting prices…

Recently, Lidl decided to venture into new territory by giving a voice to their employees´ families. Thus, the employer brand invited itself to the home of the French, and it was seen on the evening news. Original and surprising. In one of the spots designed for the purpose, a father and a mother talk about their six children, one boy and five girls, and more specifically about Adeline, who started out in business very early on. She has been a hard worker and has fought to become a store manager from the beginning, says the father. We can see heś proud of her, although at first he wasn’t too keen on his daughter joining Lidl, which didn’t get much press. But Adeline was happy there. Well, she was working a lot, but I could see that she liked it… and the company was able to thank her properly… the father points out. At the end, he mentions that his daughter is both a happy mother and an acclaimed supermarket manager. In another spot, two sisters testify to their younger daughter’s blossoming since she became a polyvalent team member at Lidl. An experience presented as effective as a therapy. Because Lidl is much more than a job. Indeed, it is.

When McDonald’s communicates on its employer brand, it does so by addressing unqualified young people and to whom the company offers social mobility allowing them to go through the different stages of a professional career. Lidl plays a slightly different game. It does not promise qualifying training, but rather individual fulfillment to those who wish to commit themselves to their work. Each job thus becomes an extension of a personality. What better alchemy could there be than personal development in the service of customer satisfaction?

So What ?

After improving the quality of its products and services, Lidl is committed to the quality of their human relations and working environment. The perfect store is not far; the hard-discount has become a model.

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