New compositions.

Here comes an unprecedented experience in terms of taste and smell brought by Pierre Hermé, world-famous pastry chef, with a creation inspired by a great classic of the perfumery born in 1944, ‘Femme’ by Rochas. The chef has been collaborating with Jean-Michel Duriez, the Rochas’ nose, during almost three years before being able to finally offer a first-ever savor that involves all the senses.

On a basis of fruity Chypre, the actual ‘Femme’ fragrance expands with a note of rose and peach, before being mixed with spices and patchouli, associated with plum, jasmine, moss of oak and sandalwood. Those are the fruity and spicy savors that have formed the composition worked by Pierre Hermé to bring an incomparable pleasure to taste buds.

This surprising meeting between two worlds – perfumery and pastry – reminds us that innovation is today about getting closer to universe usually distant from us, in order to uncover new perspectives, new know-how, new imaginaries.

To bring pastry closer to perfumery is also about attracting attention (and catalyzing the senses) on the exceptional quality of ingredients carefully selected, another way to enhance the mastery and uniqueness of its instigator.

By collaborating with a nose, Pierre Hermé allows himself to grasp the references of perfumery, its sophisticated vocabulary, so as its intention to define its creation. A new ways into the world of food is being here foreseen, extremely emotional, almost poetic.

To eat and to feel have never been so intertwined.

So What ?

After fragrant pastries, why not moving a step further by imagining ultra-sophisticated delicatessen corners in perfume shops, in order to bring new dimensions and sensations to consumers?

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