New rules

InOui – the rebranded French TGV – has launched a food truck tour. Settled in strategic places of the French capital, it shows what the train company SNCF imagined for its high-speed trains, from breakfast to afterwork drinks. Why should we necessarily be in a train to enjoy what its bar offers? With its new signature “Travel with your time”, SNCF announced its ambition and this food truck tour proves it, because it seems both obvious and in the spirit of the times.

Meanwhile, Frichti food delivery champion is in the mood for conquest (to restore its image after a really bad buzz around their delivery bikers’ working conditions) and organized on June 26th its first Frichti Food Party at the Stalingrad Rotonde, in Paris. This idea can be linked with the famous Dacia picnic party that, year after year, seems to be eagerly awaited by the brand’s car owners. Two examples playing the same game.

These two brands dare leaving their territories and habitual speeches, not to say natural ones: SNCF moves out of its stations, trains and interesting offers and Frichti out of its bike deliveries. Two brands that try to conquer those who are not their clients yet by meeting them directly. Those who don’t take the train, those who don’t eat at the train’s restaurant, those who don’t buy their meals online. It’s a way of reaching out to them and attracting their attention by the proof (the offer quality) and user-friendliness more by than promises or beautiful images. Without forgetting the opportunity to feed the unmissable social media…

Marketing has always been a question of territories and targets. It’s the very base of positioning. But with the development of digital brands, rules are being modified. Brands want to get rid of Internet limits and set a foot in the real world. As a consequence: territories become less visible, the legitimacy question to arrive in a market is less present, and non-clients are becoming primary targets. The event operation race is open.

A new page is being written in the marketing history.

So What ?

By addressing their clients and forcing themselves to go out of their original comfort zone, brands can invent surprising propositions. Consumers’ main expectations.

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