New territories

Nouveaux territoires

As more and more “real-life” shops are pressured by e-shopping sites to make their clients feel “at home”, offering them sofas, coffee tables, framed photos and nice little treats (coffee, glass of water, magazines), more and more strangers walk into our homes.

In the past, we rarely let strangers in. There was a gas or electricity company employee (they never stayed long), sometimes a baby-sitter, or an emergency doctor. Now, expect an Uber Eats or Foodora delivery drivers anytime at your doorstep, someone who comes in to pick up things that you sold on Craig’s list, an online resale store or Rakuten. You can even be visited by a neighbor ringing your bell to borrow a tool or to use your washing-machine – after you accepted their online request. Or maybe a coach or chef will need to use your bathroom to get changed… Those who are not afraid of having their home turned into Grand Central Station can even organize private sales or evening games in their living room.

With hotels making their best to give their clients the feeling of being at home, and offices and shops trying to look like apartments, it is not an over exaggerated to talk of genre confusion or border shift. Behind his evolution, the real change is the place given to consumption, because from now on, it come to us. As a consequence: Our homes are no longer our cocoons. They’re turning into almost public places. The difference between the outside and the inside is less and less significant. What is possible somewhere should be possible elsewhere, opening new perspectives to furniture and accessories shops.

Our relation to time is also modified, as time dedicated to work crashes into our private sphere, creating new hybrid activities: working outside from home or the company’s offices, door-to-door selling, playing games in the workplace… Shouldn’t we need to stop associating places to moments?

So What ?

After increasing consumption moments, the new marketing stake is to generate more places of consumption.

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