Live and do

Lush Cosmetics recently inaugurated their biggest store in Liverpool, a significant step in two ways: it shows how Lush wants to be seen and how – from now on – brands have to consider (some of) their stores. The almost 1500 sqm space includes a flower-covered facade, a Hair Lab (providing haircuts and hair treatments), a Perfume […]

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An emotional umbrella

Une ombrelle émotionnelle

We have the feeling that the wall between fashion and food is becoming more and more porous and we can’t help it. Both have their collections, their limited editions, their collaborations and obviously their creators. Some remember a Chanel restaurant set up on top of a New York building. Or the reputable pastry shop Prada […]

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Tune in

Donner à entendre

Recently, we heard that the revered Hermès was launching a podcast series called “The Faubourg of Dreams”: each episode is 10 minutes long and features an interview with someone who worked with the long-established brand. The artistic director, the director of the Faubourg store, as well as a craftsman, the house’s cook and the gardener-in-chief […]

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Another Type of Collaboration

Le temps des collab'

A couple of years ago, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opened. Now, please meet the Louvre Airbnb. A brilliant concept. The vacation rental website is offering to spend one single night in the world-famous museum: the contest winners will have drinks with the Mona Lisa, enjoy dinner with the Venus de Milo and, finally, sleep under […]

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A bakery like no other


Far away from Paris « hipsterized » districts, there is, near the Place de la Nation, a very uncommon bakery, a bakery like no other, which could inspire small businesses that complain about supermarkets stealing their customers. The place is so small the word bakery doesn’t really apply. In fact, it looks more like a […]

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