New Occasions

The Day Breaker movement born in New York (where else?) four years ago is slowly appearing in France – it took a long time to cross the Atlantic… Day Breaker? This sort of concept is typical of our time. It consists in an early morning gathering on Fridays (so it’s easier to recover…) to share […]

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Taco Generation

Génération Tacos

“Taco” evokes cactus, Mexican hats and orange-labelled beers. This image is both true and short-sighted, knowing that tacos are becoming Generation Z’s emblematic dish. Thanks to the social networks. TacoShake – a taco restaurant imagined by the rapper Mokobe – recently opened in a shopping centre in Claye-Souilly, 20 miles East of Paris. 3,000 people […]

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To improve its attractiveness with its consumers, the clothing brand La Halle, currently going into receivership, with stores closing, has recently opened a participative event on Facebook to help its teams to create the Fall 2018 collection. What does it mean? Internet users were invited to unpack their preferences in terms of trends and design. […]

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Living spaces

Lieux de vie

We already know that many on-line businesses open physical places in order to “really” show their products and meet their buyers. Strangely, this desire is shared by real world businesses. The FMCG brands we’ve always known. Unlike on-line brands, their goal is not to have a place to sell – they are already all over […]

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Beautiful food

This is definitely the time of UMOs – Unidentified Marketing Objects – that keep appearing on the market to surprise people and create the buzz. M.A.C. Cosmetics recently contracted with Puma to launch a line of three sneakers in the colors of their most iconic lipsticks. On the famous Champs-Elysées, Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane’s common […]

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