A helping hand

Une main tendue

H&M’s latest retail concept recently opened in Hambourg. Named “Take Care”, it should help the brand assert its green consciousness and implement its ambition to use only recycled and sustainable materials by 2030. To that end, the Swedish brand decided to involve its buyers… Why should the brand be the only one to make an […]

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Nature is in the street

Sous les pavés, la nature

What’s new? Florists. It had to be. One after the other, bakers, pâtissiers, butchers, hardware sellers, fruit and vegetable sellers reinvented their trade. Now is the time for florists to become a bit arty, a bit creator, a bit conceptual… Enough to look trendy. Enough to seduce creative thirty year olds in search of “meaningful” […]

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Pop culture

Pop Culture

The ice-cream museum opened its doors last year in Los Angeles – to date, it has received over two million visitors. On April 7 this year, the egg museum opened in New York. And tomorrow what? A pizza museum? A candy museum? A milkshake museum? In France, everybody knows a chocolate museum – even just […]

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Survivor marketing

Koh-Lanta marketing

On March 23nd and 25th the Survival Expo was held in Paris, in rather confidential fashion. Survival? But war hasn’t been declared -yet… According to its organizers, it is not so much about facing a nuclear disaster or a pandemic of some kind as it is about learning how to live a more environmentally-friendly life. Autonomy […]

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Change of direction

The brand became famous with its ball pools kids could dive into, while their parents were led accross various rooms in a shopping maze, meant to create projection and dream. And when the family would get together for lunch, they would all be happy to share meatballs. But it’s over, because Ikea has recently decided […]

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