The community of men

La communauté des hommes

The case didn’t hit the headlines, but it could have. A couple of weeks ago, L’Oréal signed a massive contract with David Beckham to launch a new grooming brand with a complete collection of 21 products – which is quite something. According to L’Oréal, the brand aims at “changing the rules of the grooming game” […]

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The food of the future

L'assiette du futur

Why wouldn’t futurology apply to the food we eat? According to The Guardian, we should see five major food trends going mainstream in 2018. First of all, meatless meals. This shouldn’t be a surprise anyone Then, fungi. We’ll see them more and more in our plates. A US study recently proclaimed that eating five mushrooms per day […]

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Precious Archives

Luxury brands’ archives are more than ever in the spotlight. Several brands have orchestrated prestigious exhibitions – communicating the number of visitors, re-releasing old editions, and paying tribute to founders by means of highly-referenced storytelling. In Paris, we saw Dior show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Hermès at the Grand Palais, Burberry’s in the […]

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Oil and Water

La carpe et le lapin

On “the most beautiful avenue in the world”, a new place opened last December: 86Champs, finely named after its precise location on 86 Champs Elysées Avenue. Behind the project, l’Occitane en Provence and Pierre Hermé, two brands quite far apart from each another. The result looks weird or post-modern, according to your vision of the world. […]

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The Night Defenders

Les Zadistes de la nuit

The Paris Cocktail Week was held last month at the Ground Control bar, as well as in other selected places of the French capital. This is enough to prove that in a few years, the cocktail party has stopped being an exclusive type of social gathering to become a generational cultural practice. That comes to credit the […]

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