Beer culture

Culture bière

In Pigalle district, Paris, a beer bar called Le Bar Fondamental (a name underlying the owners’ desire to offer a “concept” …) recently opened. Its principle is likely to inspire many other businesses. Le Bar Fondamental claims to be hand-crafted, fun and participative. The goal is set. The venue includes four activities in a green […]

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Instinct of reproduction

Instinct de reproduction

We knew man’s (natural) inclination for narcissism. Mirror, mirror, tell me I am the fairest of them all. Now has come the era of Instagrammability, a kind of post-narcissism – or narcissism applied to its environment. Because it’s not enough to be pleased with oneself. Our look has now to be matched with the proper […]

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New cycle

Nouveau cycle

The planet is burning, and minds too. The world of fashion is madly launching initiatives to drive consumers to adopt new purchasing habits. Take Camaïeu, now introducing a wardrobe clear out site connecting users via a geolocation tool to help them go to one of the stores and swap clothes. For another example, take Bocage, […]

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The lives of Others

La vie des autres

Going to the movies offers the opportunity to understand better our contemporaries and their way of life. A dive into a new world. A sort of ethnographic study for the price of a ticket. Take the movie Non-Fiction by Olivier Assayas, currently in movie theaters. It takes place in the Parisian literary scene. Understand, artistic […]

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Detox Days

Les jours sans

As Dry January (understand stop drinking alcohol during the first month of the year) is just over (but feel free to extend it…), supermarket-free February can begin. At any cost, a detox seems necessary to start the New Year. There used to be days “in favor of” a cause; today, there are also “something-free” days, […]

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