At our command

When they appeared last year for the first time, they were the perfect Christmas gift for geeks and those who wanted to state loud and clear their modernity. Here they are now, at the heart of marketing experts’ conversations. According to them, smart speakers (Google Home and Amazon Echo, among others) should become essential to […]

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New hubs

Nouveaux pôles

Three years ago, we heard of the La Jeune Rue project that aimed at giving rue du Vertbois a unique identity, by handing over each store to a chef and a designer. Smart idea, but it turned out to be a huge flop before it was even launched. We’re now discovering Beaupassage, a “culinary village” […]

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Elysian fields

Aux Champs-Elysées

Last Sunday, and once a month since 2016, the Champs-Elysées Avenue was pedestrian. While this seems pretty insignificant, it actually reflects our times. Understanding this initiative means to understand people’s expectations. This avenue was aimed to cars (a lot of cars, according to its width), so why has it suddenly chosen to cut off from […]

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The World in Blue

Le monde en bleu

Is it because of the heat wave, the French soccer team’s victory or the Big Blue thirty-year anniversary? A blue wave is invading the magazines’ fashion pages. Blue being the Westerners’ favourite colour, it was an easy game. This hue has always been seen as positive and soothing, according to experts. But was it really necessary […]

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Back to…food

Assiette de rentrée

Each time holidays end, tons of new things appear. Because they’re running out of inspiration or they are still on vacation, journalists tend to call them “trends”. A way to convince their readers that times are really changing. As a computer erases its archives, September erases all that was said until June. To grasp the […]

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