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Since September, only deaf and blind people still ignore the series Squid Game from South Korea. The strongest start of Netflix. A violent metaphor (the secret of the buzz) of inequalities between the rich and the poor, against a background of colorful labyrinths and neat Asian visuals, in which we follow a group of people mired in debt, forced to risk their lives in a survival mission with the hope of winning the big prize.

As in La Casa de Papelthe actors have a specific look, almost constitutive of their identity. Here, no red hood, but the same tracksuit for all: vintage cut and an improbable duck blue color on which appears a number that echoes the one visible on their white T-shirt. And what do we now read in the specialized press? That the number of searches for retro-style tracksuits on the net has literally exploded, as well as the amount of white T-shirts bearing a number. This suggests that the jogging fad, born during the health crisis, is on the rise… It could even become the dressing room star at the end of the year. The main characters of Squid Game also wear the same pair of shoes, the Vans Slip-On, in a white, immaculate version. Even if it doesn’t stay spotless for long (due to the violence), it doesn’t fail to arouse the desire to own it.

In a few years, TV series have established themselves as a new culture. How can we be surprised that they have become communication and desire drivers for brands, always eager to find new territories to explore? From now on, they are a key source of inspiration for fashion lovers. From Lupin to Emily in Paris through The Lady’s Game and Bridgerton, they brought back to life trends thought to be extinct. A phenomenon that is certainly not new (Sex and the City and Gossip Girl largely inspired men and women in the 2000s) but that is growing. The reminder that a brand is alive as much by its presence as by its words. Nike or Adidas have let go of the duck blue tracksuits. Too bad. They are selling forty euros on the net.


So What ?

For a brand, being able to slip into a series can be much more effective than all the traditional advertising campaigns… especially if the series manages to become part of conversations…

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