Who has ever heard of Sistronomy? More than anyone else, Bretons are likely to know what this word means. And those who follow the Food news. Because the emerging (but developing) Sistronomy concept consists in pairing the right food with the right cider. Sistr means cider in Breton. Yes, we’re talking about the cider the French always have with crêpes for Candlemas, while their makers would like it to be drunk all year through… Sistronomy was invented by Loïc Raison – one of the most important players of the cider industry – in order to attract the public’s attention because cider’s popularity was not enough to give it a real place in the consumers’ daily routine. Why couldn’t it become the new beer? Natural, simple, genuine, local. It combines all the ingredients but the spark to launch the trend.

The Fooding guide once out-fashioned Michelin-starred restaurants. Cocktails were for a long time only served in luxury hotels before appearing in bars for Millennials. Micro-breweries and their new craft aesthetic managed to seduce those who had discovered them during their Erasmus year in Ireland or Berlin. The espresso we used to drink at the counter was suddenly pushed into modernity with Starbucks, pod coffee machines and tattooed baristas. So why couldn’t cider be also transformed and reenchanted? It needed to be associated to a movement. It’s done now.

“Cider tasting” could appear in famous restaurants. This would help consumers forget the traditional bowlful of cider… This new cider would easily carry all kinds of story-telling, from the narrative about its origins to the speech given by “sistronoms” who’ll insist on their fruity notes, their elegance, their balance and their complexity. Perfect to pair with white meat and seafood.

Next would be an influential blogger, placements in food TV shows or, why not, being at the center of a popular real TV show in Normandy. If the idea is to become a “way of life”, nothing can be neglected.

So What ?

To associate a product to a movement is a good way to attract modernity and associate new and effective story-telling. It is now vital.

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