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Impossible to miss this increasing phenomenon. Few are the brands able to resist the temptation to team upwith an influencer (instagrammer, artist, actor, top chef…) to become more desirable, more popular and more modern. A way for the ancient world to reach out to the new world. And for this latter, to gain respectability and credibility. A win-win deal. 
The phenomenon is mostly affecting the worlds of fashion, food service, alcohol and retail as they use it to ensure social media presence. Once again, the FMCG world seems to be the most reluctant to this sort of merger. How much longer?… Because marketing’s purpose is to always offer more, imagining far-fetched partnerships represents a new challenge for brands. 
To that point, we learned that Ikea has just entered into partnership with… the Point Virgule comedy Theater. Together they launched a stand-up competition about “the lack of space in our daily lives”. Quite a good idea. Totally smart and relevant. Because the issue of storage in small spaces is often a headache, the interior fitting specialist chooses to laugh it off. Called “The little Ikea play”, this initiative will invite aspiring comedians to take a chance. The most talented will perform on the mythical Point Virgule stage three nights in early March before heading out on tour. Until February 14, the candidates could post on a dedicated platform a 3-minute act about the puzzle of lacking space. A jury selected the 20 best comedians, and the 8 most-voted for by the audience will be announced on Feb 24…
Ikea is paving the way for brands in search of partnerships. The stake is no longer to call on talents to produce their original offer, but to help talents to become known. We knew the image of the “teaching” brand (showing how to eat better, how to fix things, how to cook…), now is the time of “springboard” brands that help us to reveal ourselves, from their territory. Much more clever than sponsorship or corporate foundations. And an original way to let brands tell their story…

So What ?

Since brand territories are creative and narrative grounds, why should they only express through advertising and promotion? A positioning can also inspire a play, a series, a film, an exhibition…

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