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La vie d'étudiant

In order to help students to eat healthy food during their exams, the supermarket chain Lidl launched a pop-up restaurant in Gand. It was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from May 23rd to June 23rd, which is known as the “Blocus period” : the holiday month in Belgium before high school and university exams. Baptized “Straffe Kost” (Reasonable Cost) and settled on Woodrow Wilsonplein, this 40-seat restaurant, offered a simple and healthy meal to students… and to whoever was passing by… Breakfast two euros, complete meal six euros…

The operation was born after a study carried out by Lidl on students’ food habits during their exams. This study showed that four students out of ten found difficult to eat healthily during that period because they don’t have time or energy to care for it. And more than half of them said they wanted to eat better. Six out of ten think they are more productive when they eat healthily and almost half said they would do better during their exams – should they eat better.

Few supermarket chains address students needs. The idea is worth noticing because it’s relevant. It could even inspire other brands. Because after all, students are tomorrow’s consumers. Aren’t they also those who carry the newest values, the ones brands want to adopt? Because students care about environmental questions, animal well-being and traceability, isn’t it the opportunity for brands to show their commitment and communicate their empathy?

At least, aren’t students those who, thanks to their intensive use of social networks, can be at the source of a negative or positive buzz? That being said, why brands would only pay attention to them in September or when they want to sell them sugary sodas ?

So What ?

A student jury? An award given by students? A collaboration with students? What are brands waiting for?

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