Surprise, surprise

Surprise, surprise

In a world where everything is defined, calculated and programmed, where finding what was previously spotted on social networks is more important than discovering new things, how surprising is it that surprise itself tries its best to infiltrate our lives and upset this perfect organization?

Last Christmas, Advent calendars were everywhere on shelves. But for the first time they were competing with crackers – these surprise chocolate candies born in England, originally designed to contain different treats and that you discover by pulling on both ends. Playfulness comes hand in hand with a hearty convivial spirit… Today’s crackers now hide miniature beauty products. Affordable items with visible branding plus a surprise effect: what a wonderful idea!

Let’s also mention travel sites’ offers with destination revealed only on departure day, mystery boxes (300 000 French subscribers to one of the 300 offers) and the Fukubukuro Japanese tradition. It consists in offering at the beginning of the year big surprise bags containing various items, of which we only know that the total value is higher than the bag’s price.

How much room is left to poetry and “serendipity”, this “fruitful wandering” in the well-trodden path of our lives? Where are the surprise pockets, the small pull-back machines and the “bonux gifts” of the last century? Meditation and Detox are not the only way to get rid of our habits and start getting together, for real… Some major brands understood that. Burger King’s mystery burgers are served randomly and sold at the same price (a promotional campaign becoming a customer experience). Pom’pot Crazy’s fruit pouches don’t show which fruit they contain. And these no-menu restaurants serving meals created according to the chef’s inspiration…

It’s only the beginning of surprise marketing. One of its virtues lies in its strong emotional dimension because it ends up gumming out any disappointment or desire to be critical. Pretty significant…

So What ?

Adding a surprise effect to the brand's emotional benefits: a simple way to create a buzz and to offer buyers a true experience.

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