The Body of Luxury

From December 1 to 5, Hermès will invest part of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, turning it into a sort of gym featuring its own colors. The idea is to offer ultra-chic fitness sessions with accessories from the brand collections (scarves, hats, bracelets, shoes). This concept was born in the wake of one of its previous advertising campaigns intended to encourage people to workout again after a long restriction period. Carré Yoga, Haltero’Chaussures, Stretch’Ceinture, Athlé’Cuir, Chapeau Balance… the neurons were the first to get some exercice. The idea? To give the public the possibility of a relaxing moment, immersing them in the universe of the designer and, in this way, to foster exchanges between potential buyers while promoting the brand’s emblematic accessories. Just think of it.

In a more commercial vein, we learned of the recent partnership between Dior and the Italian brand Technogym (turnover
of half a billion euros…) for a capsule collection. A connected fitness treadmill, a multifunctional weight bench with accessories, including dumbbells, and a white gym ball bearing the Technogym logo and the name Christian Dior, surrounded by horizontal black stripes, will be available worldwide in early 2022. Of course, it is recommended to use these devices wearing leggings, boxing shorts and other fashion accessories designed by the Avenue Montaigne house… After making a successful takeover of sportswear from head to toe, luxury is now trying to get even closer to the body, a sign of its desire to be perceived as more and more an identity and not just a status. Tell them how you live and luxury brands will never leave you. Are there any sectors that still escape them?

This focus on the
human body reminds us that it is not far from regaining its symbolic function as human capital. It is no longer a question of labor force as in the nineteenth century, nor of health capital as so many brands like to remind us, but of social capital. A sign of success, fame and envy. Especially if it is adorned with all the charms of luxury.

So What ?

As a result of a too long restriction period, many brands have perceived the interest of capturing the imaginary of movement and form. Make way for physical brands.

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