The community of men

La communauté des hommes

The case didn’t hit the headlines, but it could have. A couple of weeks ago, L’Oréal signed a massive contract with David Beckham to launch a new grooming brand with a complete collection of 21 products – which is quite something. According to L’Oréal, the brand aims at “changing the rules of the grooming game” with a holistic approach. Called House 99 in reference to the Beckham year – soccer fans know what we’re talking about – this comprehensive offer gathers today’s desires and expectations.

First, the reference to the British barbershop culture gives the offer a lifestyle dimension and helps making it more masculine. Men are free to express their style. To be stylish is socially acceptable. Second, it is the first offer to address men with tattoos. Why did it take so long? Do they know they need to take care of their tattoos? Sun, skin ageing, colour protection are the kind of new problems marketing knows how to bring out and settle in people’s mind. Men will also find products to create the next hair style they want, with hair solutions that can shape rebellious hair as well as short or long beards. We’ve always known soccer players are on the cutting edge of new hair trends…

By the way, the products’ formulas are rich in quinoa and spirulina. Very trendy. And finally, the word House (that counts triple at the marketing Scrabble) reflects “David’s goal to build an inclusive community of grooming aficionados, to share style tips and recommendations”. To sum up, the brand’s inclusive approach raises new insights that trigger new questions and create new “needs”… It uses good conscience eco-friendly ingredients and a charismatic ambassador, to create projection and build the community. This is the recipe for success that every ambitious brand should follow. The super star is optional…

So What ?

Launching a brand doesn’t only mean to offer new products or services. It also involves the creation of a community of consumers with shared values.

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