The food of the future

L'assiette du futur

Why wouldn’t futurology apply to the food we eat? According to The Guardian, we should see five major food trends going mainstream in 2018. First of all, meatless meals. This shouldn’t be a surprise anyone Then, fungi. We’ll see them more and more in our plates. A US study recently proclaimed that eating five mushrooms per day could stave off heart disease and cancer. In addition to this, an English study showed their capacity to improve our body’s ability to adapt to stress. “Fungi-mania” with gurus and custom diets in sight!

We also expect functional powders to invade our daily life. Functional powders? Cacao, maca, turmeric, activated charcoal, blue algae… Powders also have health powers. Anti-inflammatory, digestive support, protein booster… New habits could emerge. A hint of this, a spoonful of that. Not far from magical thinking. The fourth trend is K-products. We almost have a concept here. K like kefir, kimchi, kraut or kombucha. Fermented, fresh and filled with good bacteria… And finally, these gluten-free, salt-free healthier new snacks, which sales in England are expected to exceed a billion pounds in 2018, according to The Guardian.

What do these five trends say about us? First of all, that we have huge expectations about what we eat. Not only do we expect food to feed us, and quench our thirst for newness, but we also want it to heal us. Health is now central. These trends show that the food we eat has turned into a statement, a way to express who we are. Those who select what they eat, boycott some products or take food supplements are no longer seen as boring or orthorexic. They just display an extra spark of awareness.’Food shouldn’t only be good to eat, it should also be good to think.

So What ?

Eating used to be nothing more than the last step of a preparation process. Now, eating is also the starting point of a whole way of seeing life.

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