The Heirs

After having been around the world, then among influencers and anything else that can carry its image and reputation, the Maison Vuitton has just published a book dedicated to its founder, Louis, whose bicentennial is celebrated this year. The title of the book, L’Audacieux, relates an extraordinary journey that offers the brand the opportunity to deliver a few corporate messages throughout three hundred and twenty pages (his entrepreneurial genius, his sense of the times, the multiple skills he developed), the first of which is, without question, the title. Clever. This summer, a video game entitled “Louis The Game” was even released, proof of the interest in the founder and the hope that he will conquer new generations.

Located just a few centimeters from Louis Vuitton on the LVMH organizational chart, Dior, the group’s other major house, is also delving into its history by publishing a book dedicated, not to Christian, but to his sister instead, whose intense life has long remained unknown. And yet. A confident and muse of her brother, at the origin of the creation of Miss Dior, resistant and passionate about roses, Catherine carries within her enough to give birth to a book, but also, why not, and in the near future, a fashion show or a tribute perfume, or even a capsule collector. We have already seen a very resistant bag (in every sense of the word) during a recent Dior fashion show…

Luxury brands no longer just summon up their history through a series of carefully crafted story-tellings. They have now set out to conquer History. A strategy intended to establish their cultural legitimacy which already begun with an increasingly visible presence in museums. This progressive merger of the worlds of luxury and culture is not surprising. Luxury is an insatiable monster and culture is its ultimate conquest. Contemporary culture via foundations that have been opportunely created. And now, history.

Is there really such a big difference between the Château de Versailles and the LVMH group? Both are inhabited by a man driven by a vision and a desire for artistic influence. For one, an emblem; for the other, logos. From there to think that Bernard Arnault is the Louis XIV of today

So What ?

For a brand, emphasizing its place in history through its founders means shedding new light on its values and gain in density. A non-negligible advantage when faced with brands born on the net that are chasing their legitimacy...

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