The message of color

Le message de la couleur

Not only press has evergreen content. The fashion agenda is also punctuated with yearly topics. On the press side, each year sees rankings of all sorts: best hospitals, best schools and best cities to live in, and on the fashion side, January marks the announcement of the “color of the year”. Perfect timing. Who remembers last year’s color? Was it green? Might be. Unless it was Burgundy? Or Lavender? Well, it was purple…

This year, according to experts at the Pantone Color Institute, it will be salmon pink. Well, not exactly, because the word is too reminiscent of 80’s decors. It’ll be “Living Coral”, another pink-tinted hue. It sounds suddenly more pro. Just like saying « eggshell » rather than beige if you want to show you’re familiar with interior design. The choice of words is the first imaginary trigger. So why Coral? Because this “vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind, and is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color”. Why not.

Above all, this is a soft, soothing, and positive color, easy to pair, easy to wear. Soft and soothing in a neon yellow world: a nice promise. Easy to pair: there certainly lies a strength. In a very competitive, confrontational world, promoting union and combination is somehow a message of peace and reconciliation. A color at the crossroads of several colors (pink and yellow), a color flattering the one who wears it, is an invitation to mingle, cross borders and seek diversity.

By the way, don’t forget the eco-friendly content, since coral reefs are threatened. Whatever the chosen color, green issues are finally never far…

So What ?

The color of the year has always to do with the face of our society. Soothing and inviting Living Coral is a discreet invitation to social peace.

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