The New Art of the Table

After opening restaurants and poaching chefs, luxury brands are naturally finding their way onto plates, cutlery and glasses. The tableware art, once thought to belong to a bygone era of wedding registries and social conventions, is regaining momentum. It’s like being back in the 1950s. The world after is definitely not the one we imagined during the health crisis. This is good news.

How to explain this culinary art revival? First, the insatiable appetite of luxury brands, always eager to acquire anything that can enhance their offers. It is hard not to look at crystalware when you produce fine wines or champagne. It’s difficult to neglect plates when you have large tables. How to ignore tablecloths and cutlery when you are a luggage manufacturer? The art of the table soundly incorporates the lifestyle to which all luxury brands aspire.

Another explanation would come from the health crisis. Locked up at home, the French have not only rediscovered the joy of cooking, but also the pleasure of setting a beautiful table, for they had time to do so… Since the end of lockdown, various studies show that they are now overwhelmed by a sort of laziness, they don’t feel like making an effort and go out, which would make them favour the idea of receiving at home. Note that restaurants now present their offers as inclusive experiences in which dishes are only one of many other elements. The architecture, the decoration, the musical atmosphere, and therefore the art of the table, all play their part.

Finally, tables don’t escape the trend of our time to transform every daily life action into a mean of self expression. Mismatched chairs, plates and glasses have thus become the new emblems of agreed originality and the mixture of new and vintage, the standard of expected creativity. Playing with styles to show off one’s uniqueness and assert one’s sense of chic: the mix and match in the art of the table fashion. As soon as the table is set, it is shot and posted on social media to flatter the ego. The art of the table begins with the art of showing off one’s table.

So What ?

Between offbeat recipes and mismatched dishes, the dictatorship of coolness reigns on our plates and tables. But not yet really on the shelves...

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