Time as an Ingredient

Do you know what batch cooking mean? Save time by cutting, cooking and packing vegetables, meat and fruits in advance so you’ll have (almost) nothing to do when you decide to “fix dinner”. It means more serenity with the pleasure of cooking calmly. A minimum of organization is obviously necessary but according to aficionados, two hours over the weekend are enough to cook five or six meals for the week. Before starting, you have to get boxes (glass rather than plastic), think the menus and then, agree to follow the plan….

Such an approach (obviously coming with a full range of publications) recalls us the common point between cooking and working out. It seems inevitable to find new variations to keep the desire for getting started alive and seeing past the constraint. An endless exercise. Batch cooking is for the kitchen what aerobics or pump used to be and what CrossFit, Gyrotonic or wunderbars are for fitness academies. A way of transcending reality and maximizing pleasure. Changing the access rules renews the perception.

Batch cooking also embodies a new cooking method for those who think they are terrible cooks but, under the media pressure, feel confusedly that to be healthy, they need cooking coaching. Cooking one’s own meals is the answer to an omnipresent call to healthy eating.

Batch cooking finally illustrates the nudge theory – this little help supposed to help turning our desires into actions. Preparing in advance the ingredients of a recipe will make it easier. Suddenly, things are not so complicated! Food box delivery companies have it clear: the most expensive ingredient of a recipe will always be time… 

So What ?

Suggesting new practices and turning them into mini tasks for them to be easier to get in grips with: one more coaching strategy for brands.

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