Where is the concept?

Recently, we discovered Picard’s and La Redoute’s latest ads. We’ll assume these two popular and loved brands need no introduction. Let’s just explain their raison d’être at a time when brand messaging is increasingly suspicious and the meaning of consumption more and more questioned.

At Picard, the never-ending images of bowls and plates are over. Now is the time of “real people” (seen in the ad) parading in front of the camera, greeted by a unifying Welcome that addresses everyone. Welcome to you, who don’t wait for the strawberry season to eat strawberries;to you, the motivated fans of veggies (i.e., vegetarians) who won’t say no to a burger; to you, who don’t live in a palace, etc. The commercial ends up with the compulsory CSR part staging co-workers, providers and producers, neatly separated from the consumers, a choice that raises questions…

At La Redoute, they keep customising their emotional societal vein, which has become their form of expression. After the parent-child relationship within blended families, now is the time of brotherhood relationships. It is the story of two brothers who fight and love each other. When the oldest moves out of the house, he lets his room to the youngest. A simple and “authentic” story told in one minute during which La Redoute takes every opportunity to offer us something to buy.

These two commercials perfectly embody the way brands love seeing themselves: addressing everyone (inclusivity oblige), being part of people’s daily lives and at the service of life. An ambition of universality at the risk of losing sight of what is unique in each and every one of us. Would the Picard commercial be different if it was made by Carrefour? And the La Redoute ad by Amazon? What is the role of Picard? To sparkle desire, to surprise us, to treat us. To transform its clients, to take them further and not to leave them in their diversity and truth. Should we explain the role of La Redoute as a marketplace by mentioning the idea that consumption is able to heal all emotional wounds? A disruptive thought when we all want more meaning and responsibility.

What do these brands develop for themselves? Where are the concepts that build brand positioning?


So What ?

Commercials dream of being short movies with product placement. But a commercial is not a movie. It has a power of conviction.

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