With the stroke of a pen

Is it a coincidence if pencils are back in fashion? With computers everywhere and the increased influence of social media, we could have thought they would definitely disappear. But they are truly coming back, in a different style though. We are not talking here of the wooden pencils with leads made of graphite used to take notes, but of pencils that create a new gesture.

First, a new scented gesture with Chanel´s brand-new creation to seduce the youngest clients: fragrance pencils with retractable leads to apply directly onto the skin and declined in different versions of the Chance line (Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche, Chance Eau Tendre and Chance Eau Vive), targeting Millennials. These pencils will be released in the coming days, and sold 75 euros the set of 4. Neither expensive nor cheap. Pencils have also inspired a new edible culinary gesture imagined by the aptly named OCNI (French acronym for unidentified edible object): a seasoning stick manufactured in Alès, in the South of France, additive free and with a majority of organic ingredients set into a gelatin made from agar-agar. The shavings will discreetly season any dish… Lime, ginger, black garlic, Espelette chili pepper, saffron, boletus mushroom and shallot…

The pencil revival is probably the reflect of our time. What is a pencil if not the opportunity to express ourselves freely, to give way to our imagination and to try to reduce the distance between the world and our dreams? In a modest and creative way though. What we want now is to re-enchant our daily lives and our environment. Thanks to a simple and unusual gesture that breaks with our habits. To change the world, why couldn’t we start with what’s within our reach to make it match with our desires and ambitions? A way to punch in what has been decided for us.

Playful, practical, creative, discreet, easy, pioneering. Clear and simple, these are the conditions any innovation should include.

So What ?

To come up with a brand new offer doesn’t mean to add new items to a product range. It can also consist in creating a new gesture. A never-failing way for a brand to renew its client relationships.

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