Food Sharing

If Fooding has largely contributed to changing our relationship with food, turning it into a sign of status and recognition, it seems that there has been a sharp change in this movement celebrating its 20th birthday. Too much conceptualization and destructuring became boring. This former vision of Fooding produced inflated ego among cooks, but also among consumers, playing at who will be the first to spot the latest trendy concepts.

Lassitude or generational desire to create new codes… here comes a new Fooding chapter, much more down-to-earth. First, our tables went back to bistrots and bouillons. They are now driven by the spirit of togetherness. Welcome to the world of Food Sharing. The traditional “starter-main course-desert” is no longer a success, and gives way to meals to share, served on large tables and made to be picked at with friends. This Mediterranean phenomenon, between the Spanish tapas, the Eastern mezzes and the Italian aperitivo, is ideal for gourmands who like trying everything out… Roasted veggies, cheese and sausages grilled “a la plancha”, baked scamorza to eat with bread… These dishes are all the rage, and bear the promise of more friendly and unabashed meals. The desire of sharing has never been so strong. Why should food escape the game?

Difficult not to link this new habit with the feeling that our resources are limited, and the thought that maintaining our quality of life is sometimes a puzzle. Changing our habits wouldn’t be the ultimate measure to save our future? Sharing doesn’t always come down to restriction or less pleasure. Sharing is an experience. It means meeting, exchanging, learning, developing, building up common memories. By meeting our neighbor, every act can take another dimension.

If consumption ideology used to boil down to “I consume, so I am”, it is gradually moving toward “I consume, so we are.” And, why not: “I share, so I am”?

So What ?

For brands, making sharing more attractive can also be a way of highlighting that their clients belong to the same community...waiting to gather around rituals...

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