Good food

Good food

It’s always interesting to take a look at what is being done in other countries, but not too remote ones – we don’t want to lose our markers. Belgium, for example. The major newspaper Le Soir has recently published the five top food trends for 2019. Namely: roots, bitterness, fermentation, lettuce and kernza (after millet, quinoa, buckwheat, it‘s the latest grain to taste).

First observation: Many of these trends are (still) unknown which proves that the food industry is working hard to offer discovery and surprise. That is good news. Second observation: The new food comes from the earth and is green. No meat. No fruits either, even the “super” ones. Not really surprising. After the new birth of previously heirloom vegetables, we could only expect the coming back of roots such as yam, parsnip or, even better, jicama, a Mexican root vegetable that looks like a turnip, which can be used cooked or raw. Kale announced it: Bitterness is clearly back, adding its savor to the culinary landscape. We’re not ready yet for umami, the savory fifth Japanese taste… What we‘ll see is broccoli rabe, dandelion greens, collards and even endives that could make their way into our cocktails…

With fermentation comes in our plates the irruption of the living being transformed. It might be the new food norm. We’ll discover tempeh, an Indonesian meat alternative made by fermenting hulled and cooked soybeans. Romaine lettuce could be back and lettuce will be on the menu in several forms, even juice and soft drinks. Perhaps we’ll even eat new varieties such asceltuce or stem lettuce, widely used in Asian cuisine. Kernza is supported by environmental protectionists because it’s capable of regenerating soils and mitigate climate change. Soon for breakfast and in our beers…

What is the common point between these aliments? They are not pretty. They are not appetizing, but they all carry the same promise: to allow us to live healthier without putting the planet at risk. When the “I” meets the “We”.

So What ?

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