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What’s up in the cosmetics world? Women’s magazines try to answer this question every single week. Needless to say, the organic and eco-friendly trends dominate the experts’ expectations. With certification labels, tags and guarantees, brands compete to be the greenest, most trustworthy and ethical. No one complains.

In the United States, a new segment is appearing: farm-to-face beauty products, made from plants grown and harvested by the brands in their own farms and according to their own processes, then packed and sent to cities. From fork to jar – or the cosmetic version of local farming. With the promise of beauty farms come new imagination perspectives.

Another trend: facial gym. In London, a new brand appeared. It shouldn’t take a hundred years to cross the Channel. Called Facegym and settled in Oxford street and King’s road, it has invested the still untapped beauty sector via facial gymnastics. When we look at the impressive number of online tutorials on this subject, the success of the company doesn’t make any doubt… The brand offers a diagnosis and workout series able of reactivating some of our 40 face muscles (of the overall 570 muscles) in order to stimulate microcirculation and boost collagen and elastin production. The places are inspired by regular gyms (concrete walls, energy drink bars, support messages…), just to make it clear that it’s not a beauty institute and that the place is about workout, muscle and challenge. Each session is thirty-minute long and consists in a warm-up, a stage of “cardio” training, a sculpt session and, finally, a post-exercice recovery. Sore muscles can happen…

The initiative is extremely relevant. Like farm’s cosmetics, facial gym meets the actual high expectations of natural beauty and chemical-free solutions (without facelift or injections). It also carries the message that it is necessary to personally get involved in our beauty ambition instead of just waiting for products promises. The very basis of empowerment. And the emergence sign of a rather reassuring maturity.

So What ?

For a long time brands have put forward their products performance, which sometimes was not far from miracle. They're now explaining their customers that they can't provide it all.

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