Senior Geek

Senior Geek

In the geek village, everybody commented on Apple’s latest smartwatch’s screen size and processor power. Obviously incredible. As we looked closer at the Apple Watch 4’s features, we discovered that they include a fall detection and an electro-cardiogram able to launch an emergency signal. It won’t be available in France right now, but it exists for real.

With this innovation, Apple’s true target is unveiled, and it’s not who we imagined. Not people in their twenties, ultra connected or techno addicts of all sorts, but their parents and grand-parents. Last year, those over fifty already showed they were fans of connected speakers. They seem to be now very interested in smartwatches. A speaker and a watch: two very familiar and reassuring objects that are all of a sudden reinvented by technology. A step into the known, another into the unknown. Perfect for those who want affirm their modernity without losing face. A dream for smartwatches’ makers, since this target is usually richer and more loyal to brands than the younger geeks who are always attracted by the latest light!

As the image of innovation lovers changes, we are reminded that health and connectivity are good friends. Aging population can only help the development of innovations that monitor people’s condition and health. This year Apple Watch’s sales will allegedly be close those of Switzerland watches’ worldwide… Probably due to buyers over 50. The purchase of a watch is no longer motivated only by a need of status signal. Swiss manufacturers didn’t expect this move. For them, innovation meant above all to improve their models’ complexity.

So What ?

Health features are becoming a must-have for all innovations that intend to enter our daily life. When connected, health becomes less stressful…

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